About Us

Are your products vegan?

YES! In addition, we do not sell any products that have been tested on animals. Furthermore, we respect human rights, so we avoid products that have been manufactured overseas under exploitative working conditions.

How and why do you contribute 5% of sales to vegan and animal rights causes?

TheVegetarianSite.com was founded in 1999 and has always been vegan-owned and operated. There is nothing we would like to see more than the establishment of basic rights for animals and the advancement of the vegan lifestyle. Those profiting from the vegetarian and animal rights movements, such as ourselves, are in an excellent position to support the nonprofit organizations that are working so hard to move these causes forward. We are unique in that we contribute 5% of the amount of every single purchase you make (not just 5% of "profits") to various vegan and animal rights causes. While our profit margins and advertising budget are certainly reduced by doing so, our business model relies on happy, repeat customers. We do not inflate the prices of our products. In fact, you'll notice that most of our products are priced below those of other animal-friendly businesses.

Some of the vegan and animal rights groups that we have sponsored include Farm Sanctuary, EarthSave, Vegan Outreach, Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG), Compassion Over Killing (COK), Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM), PETA, In Defense of Animals (IDA), Born Free USA, and Mercy For Animals.

Where are your shoes produced?

We sell socially responsible brands because we're concerned both with animal rights and human rights. Our quality leather-alternative shoes are produced primarily in England, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and the U.S. Our environmental hemp shoes are produced mainly in Romania, Portugal, and England. There are a number of vegan branded shoes that we will not carry -- even though our competitors do -- because these manufacturers cannot provide adequate documentation of workers' rights and factory conditions (mostly Chinese manufacturing). We do carry some asian-made shoes, where manufacturers are working with nonprofit human-rights promoting organizations (such as Verite -- not to be confused with industry-funded "labor associations" used by Walmart, Nike, etc!).