• Blue Mountain Organics Raw Cacao Walnut Brownie - SOLD OUT


This decadent, chocolatey Walnut Brownie is made with the finest organic, sprouted superfoods, and it’s packed with protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. One bite and you’ll never go back to regular old brownies!

We’ve finally done it! We’ve created a delicious, decadent brownie using raw, organic sprouted superfoods! Our rich, chewy Walnut Brownie is sweetened with just dates and agave, and packed with protein-rich walnuts and flaxseeds for a delicious nutty crunch. It’s perfect for hiking, on-the-go snacking, and tucking into lunch boxes (grown-ups’ too!) as a nutritious treat!

Our Raw Bakery™ produces raw, sprouted superfoods. The walnuts in Cacao Crunch Brownie have gone through the Better-than-Roasted™ sprouting process, which maximizes the bioavailability of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. It also removes bitterness and concentrates flavor, yielding a sweeter, more easily digestible, and more flavorful nut.

Ingredients: Organic (OG) Dates, OG Agave, OG Cacao, OG Sprouted Walnuts, OG Flax Seeds 

Blue Mountain Organics Raw Cacao Walnut Brownie - SOLD OUT

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