• Deva Nutrition Vegan Vitamin B12 Sublingual 1000 mcg - 10% OFF!


This B12 supplement by Deva Nutrition contains the bio-available methylcobalamin form of the vitamin. It is active immediately upon absorption, unlike the cyanocobalamin used in most B-12 supplements, which must be converted to methylcobalamin by the body before it can be used.

Every nutritional authority agrees that vegans and a majority of vegetarians should supplement their diet with a reliable source of Vitamin B12. Sublingual (under the tongue) absorption of B12 is a most effective method of absorption for this very important vitamin.

90 tablets per bottle. Each tablet contains 1000 mcg of Vitamin B12 (16666% daily value), 400 mcg folic acid (100% DV), and 2 mg of Vitamin B6 (100% DV). Other ingredients (all vegan) include: xylitol, mannitol, lemon flavor, citric acid, sodium citrate, vegetable stearate, and silicon dioxide.

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Deva Nutrition Vegan Vitamin B12 Sublingual 1000 mcg - 10% OFF!

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