Made from the best organic tomatoes, fruit, flax seeds, and herbs, these grain-free raw wraps are packed with protein, fiber, iron, healthy fats, antioxidants, and low-glycemic sweetness!

Ingredients: Organic (OG) Apples, OG Flaxseed, OG Coconut Meat, OG Tomatoes, Sea Salt, OG Lemon, OG Oregano, OG Marjoram

-Certified Organic, Non-GMO
-Certified Kosher, Pareve
-Processed in a peanut-free, dairy-free, and soy-free facility

SIZE: APPROX. 8.25" X 6.5"

We make these wraps out of organic fruit, flax seeds, and tomatoes, season them with lemon, herbs, and a touch of sea salt and low-temperature dehydrate them for the perfect chewy texture. Fill them with your favorite nut butters, sprouts, veggies, fruits, and more-- the possibilities are endless!

Wraps are meant to be filled with nutritious goodies-- but why not make the wraps themselves nutritious, too? One Tomato Wrap has 3 grams of protein, 24% of your daily value of fiber, and 8% of your daily value of vitamin C and iron.

Blue Mountain Organics Raw Tomato Wraps 4-Pack (5.5 oz.) - SOLD OUT

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