Our fanciest of flavors is actually quite down to Earth - meet BjornQorn Earth! It started with a blind date between nutritional yeast and black truffles and I'll get you up to speed - it went very well...

We love everything about Earthy-ness. So we put all we could into these kernels. Let the sun shine on it!

Ingredients: Non-GMO popcorn, Safflower Oil, Nutritional Yeast, Black Truffle Salt

The Story

  • Created by two Bard College friends, Bjorn and Jamie, who continue to run the company.
  • The recipe was perfected using giant solar thermal ovens they built into the ground and continue to experiment with.
  • The popcorn is grown on Bjorn's family farm in MN as well as partner farms in NY local to their production facility in Kerhonkson.

Sustainably Committed

  • BjornQorn is an entirely plant based product
  • It is produced in a facility that generates more than 100% of its annual production power from its solar array.
  • Returning general commodity acreage back to food for people.
  • No metalized plastics in its packaging. Minimal material means minimized waste.
  • Safflower crops can be grown domestically on lands with limited water needs.

Bjorn Qorn Earth Vegan Cheesy Truffle Popcorn (3 oz.)

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